About the Blog and the Author

The blog series is my journey as a business teacher to share my perspective, my failures, and my accomplishments alike as a 21st century teacher.  Many professionals have commented that “I teach differently.”  I never really understood that comment until I started to write about my approach to education.  I decided to call this site 360 teach as my vision of education is from a spherical perspective.  The concept of teaching from 360 degrees and in a spherical way will evolve as I write.  One example of 360 teaching method is how I approach evaluation from many different angles.  Another, is how I involve the community in my lessons of educating high school business students.

Here I will share my methods, ideas, opinions, and theories about teaching and education from a spherical perspective.  This is 360 teach.

About the Author:

My name is Patricia Ragan Stokes.  I have been a business teacher for 18 years and am passionate to a fault about my craft.  My overriding goal is to get my students hired, promoted, and accepted into the career and colleges of their dreams.  I am the daughter of my late father Tilliman James Ragan, who I dedicate this blog to as he has always inspired me to push my own boundaries.  My father is co-author of Instructional Design with Patricia Smith Ragan, the go to resource for Instructional Design and Instructional Technology.  My Grandfather, William B. Ragan, wrote ground breaking books including Modern Elementary Curriculum and many more.   After my father passed I was able to take his texts home and when I review his texts I find a parallel to my style and methods for designing instruction.  It was an amazing moment for me to see that this indeed runs in my blood.  I hope to continue the legacy of Ragan.

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