Brave High School Students Lead the Charge to Teach Middle School Students Minecraft

I have a club after school, we are called the Hornet Hive Tech-Knows, this club is dedicated to helping other students, teachers, and community members with technology. As our little club of 4 evolved, students found that they wanted to create professional development for their middle school cohorts.  Specifically, they decided they would teach Code and Minecraft through an Hour of Code after school.

minecraft ledge

Every week, my students would plan their lessons and examples of how to use Minecraft and how to show the parallels with coding.  The students had never taught a lesson before, but they crafted an unbelievable experience for the middle school students.  Click here and below to view the teachable moments that I caught on camera.

YOUTUBE videos of training:

Middle school students pose questions and high school students have answers!

Students helping students; collaboration at it’s finest.

Making connections between Minecraft code and Python; intriguing young minds and perhaps fostering interest in computer science in the high school.

What next?  For this year we completed a training on SWAY for teachers and the two sessions on Minecraft for middle school students.  Next week we will have an end of the year party complete with Dunkin Donuts and other goodies to celebrate this small but mighty crew’s success.

Our goals for next year surely will be lofty as we train on emerging technology tools that engage the student mind.  Technologies I would like to introduce to my team will be Flipgrid, Office 365,, and Skype for school and business.

The sky is the limit!

flipgrid opening screen office365-large


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