Flipgrid = 100% Engagement

brady bunch pic

Remember the Brady Bunch?  What if this was your class with video responses to your class project?  Photo courtesy of Google images

Imagine posting a question online to your classroom that is prompted by an informative video and the responses come up in a grid, Brady Bunch style…your student responses flip up in a classroom grid ready to showcase video responses.  Imagine no longer, Flipgrid is here!

flipgrid brady bunch view

My classroom Brady Bunch using Flipgrid

I used Flipgrid last week for the first time to prepare my students for their Business Law mock trial on a Snapchat Case.  Flipgrid is a teaching app I learned about during one of the courses I took within the Microsoft Educator Community and when I implemented Flipgrid, I was amazed! flipgrid opening screen

Engagement was 100% and students had fun.  At first, I was concerned that the students would be camera shy, but this was not a problem, this generation generally is not camera shy and if they are, I provide alternatives.  My concerns were unfounded as the responses were reflective and helpful to the students process in preparing for a mock trial. The most basic question was posed:  “How do you plan to prepare your role for this mock trial?”  The answers were limited to a one minute video limit and students generally made an effort to use the entire minute.

Click here to view my Flipgrid (password to access the grid is FM) and see how students responded.  I was impressed with student candor and honest effort to answer in a very authentic way.

If you are interested in taking the course that I took that introduces this ground-breaking technology, click here and register on the Microsoft Educator Community.  Take the course titled:  Amplifying Student Voice.  amplyfying student voice

Check it out, it only takes about 1 hour and earns 500 points and a fabulous badge!  This course introduced me to Flipgrid and also introduced me to new concepts and ways to amplify my students voices within my classroom.  The Microsoft Educator Community is like my personal assistant to anything and everything 21st Century Learning, apps, ideas, inspiration; well, you get the idea.  The MEC supports my ideals in education and simultaneously helps me find new methods to enhance my instruction and project based learning activities.

To compare the Flipgrid to other resources, I think this product is much faster and more intuitive.  I have tried Kahoot, a very popular resource that students and teachers alike enjoy.  I think Kahoot is awesome, but certainly found it was time consuming to create on my first attempt.  I will continue to experiment with Kahoot over the summer, especially now that it is part of what’s next from Microsoft with the introduction to their TEAMS approach to the LMS world of communication and work in the classroom.  This technology will integrate fabulous technologies including Kahoot and Flipgrid and others.

Flipgrid gave me the ability to create an engaging activity in 10 minutes, that lasted for 20 minutes.  Half the time, double the engagement.  I give the platform a thumbs up, 5 stars, and 10 out of 10 for good measure.  I look forward to using Flipgrid more in the future.

Engagement from my 360 degree view of education.  Rock on.

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