The Power of PowerPoint

Over winter break, I sat with my husband for a lovely dinner out at our favorite restaurant, Laci’s Tapas Bar, and I started musing about how much fun I was having revising my PowerPoint’s for this year (I know super-nerd, just get me my cape).  But seriously, I had not really worked on or edited a PowerPoint in years to be honest, and it dawned on me…I love PowerPoint.  Given all of the new technology being developed; I have to say I really still enjoy a fabulous PowerPoint.


As an Instructional Design graduate, and daughter of the author of Instructional Design, I know that the implementation of slideshows are one of the pivotal ways instructional technology practitioners utilized media early on in the instructional technology era.  Or at least that is one thing I observed growing up.  I remember the slide projector being such an important piece of the inclusion of media into instruction.  PowerPoint to me is the Cadillac of slideshows.

When I think of the theories of Instructional Design and the models  my father designed and the crux of what he taught as a professor at Oklahoma University, I remember his passion around bringing lessons to life.  You see, my father got what he called “wrapped around the axel” (motorcycle enthusiasts might get the joke)- about all things media.  Especially how to design instruction while using media, or technology, as a means to engage students in deep learning.

When I was young I did not understand what Instructional Technology meant but now I employ my Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation degree from Syracuse University daily.  As I employ IDD&E and the infusion of technology into my practice, I am reminded of how much I have always enjoyed PowerPoint.

I think PowerPoint has all of the elements embedded to meet many needs I have when providing instruction.  Direct instruction is enhanced through my use of PowerPoint tools such as embedding a hyperlink, including a picture to tell my story, or by allowing me flexibility with regards to how my images and words enter the screen.

As a side note, something I learned at the global Microsoft in Education conference in Barcelona was a presentation style called Petcha Kutcha.  I learned this method from the great Doug Bergman, a fellow MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.)  I introduce this method as an option to my students for presenting.  PowerPoint is a great tool to help design this style presentation.

Ironically, I need training.  I would like to be updated on all things PowerPoint.  I suspect that there are no local training’s available for PPT but I might be wrong.  It is indeed a powerful tool when used for it’s intended purpose.  I would love to spend a day playing around in the PowerPoint world as I used to as a new teacher almost 20 years ago.  Back then, I created dynamic web-quests that were fun and exciting to build.  Importing buttons that hyperlink to new slides and sites was fun for me.  I might be nerding out here but I will take that chance.

I guess this blog is simply something that came from my gut.  Shout out to PowerPoint from the roof tops!

Have an inspired day!

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