Students Making a Difference One Fund Raiser at a Time

When a group of students seek you out after school and ask: can we start a club that helps students around the world?  What do you say?  YES.  I did and I have had an inspirational experience running our FM International club ever since.

This year so far, we have had a Skype meeting with Taljit Kaur’s classroom in India.  This meeting took place in October and we have been fundraising ever since.  Yesterday, I mailed a check for $200 to the Rayat International School to help with purchasing technology for their classroom.

The fund raising launched with a bake sale.  Students had a great time selling cookies and cupcakes to hungry fellow students in the early morning before school and again after school while the athletes waited for practice to begin.


Bake Sale fund raiser

Our final fund raiser was a holiday party that had two goals:  to bring students together in the library for fun, and to raise funds for India.  Students had a jolly time as they ate, drank hot cocoa, and talked about everything from “ugly sweaters” to upcoming plans for holiday break.  It was a nice departure from the stress of school.


Cory dons my favorite sweater of the holiday party…smiles like this make my day!


Students eating baked goods donated by local businesses, drinking hot cocoa donated by our cafeteria, and just plain having holiday cheer!

I was happy to finally send Taljit’s classroom the money we raised this week.  There is no feeling better than helping others with their needs.

Our next mission is to help students in China.  Students just finished a fund raiser for Valentines day that included selling bags of chocolate with special messages.  We raised $64.00!

I find this generation of students to be incredibly generous and passionate about giving back.  Have an inspired day!

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