Mission Accomplished! Student Offered a Job…

My Business Law class had their second segment of a 3 part business law series with Mitch Jackson, award winning trial lawyer from California. At the close of this session, Mitch told a future lawyer: “call me when you graduate, I’ll hire you.”  I was shocked! Dreams and goals realized as my mission of getting students hired comes to fruition during meetings like this with awesome professionals like Mitch.


High School Business Law student offered a job

This second meeting included an evaluation of student developed Business Law blogs, life insurance law, and wills and trusts.  Mitch offered priceless advice to future lawyers and business professionals.

This meeting was so important to one of my students that she Facetime’d (is that a word?) in with another student from her family trip on route to Florida and joined in on the conversation.  This amazing student wants to become involved with FBI, Jag Corps, or Law.  She is very interested in all things law and she was committed enough to join us with her friend holding her phone as she contributed to Skype with Facetime.  It was a ground breaking journey for all of us!


Smiles as we use Facetime mixed with Skype to be sure this ambitious student on break could join the discussion from her family car with the help of her classmate

How do we make it happen?  Via Skype– the best connectivity tool I employ to make real connections for my students.

This three part series was developed by myself and Mitch last year when we had a meeting via Skype with my Business Law class.  My students had such a rich experience that I proposed to Mitch that we create a three part series, one in Fall, one meeting in Winter (dead of winter in Syracuse), and our final meeting when the daffodils are in bloom in the Spring.  I am lucky that Mitch agreed to sign on for our Business Law series.

It is not just luck.  It is a mixture of me having the guts to ask and the generosity of business professionals like Mitch Jackson to take a chance on high school students.  When students meet with pros on Skype, they often  ask “do they really care about what I have to say?” My answer is always yes, and I am always impressed that business pros are absolutely thrilled to hear what students “have to say.”  I can’t thank Mitch Jackson and the business community at large enough for helping teach both the teacher and the students.

Resources:  There is place where you can literally look up business professionals who will Skype with you today!  Go to the Microsoft Education Community and search the Skype page (linked here) for events and business professionals.

badge-community-influencerI am looking forward to our final meeting with Mitch.  Always dynamic, fun, and educational.  One of the foundations of my theory of education is connecting- 360 degrees of teaching means connecting with pros who can help teach the content and enrich the learning experience.  I am not a lawyer and never have been, but I do teach business law and have taken business law as a business major.  Yet I cannot offer the level of expertise and advice that lawyer Mitch Jackson can offer to my students.  Again, priceless.  Another way I embrace teaching from a 360 degree view.  Have an inspired day!

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