Students Inspiring Students to get Hired

I had the notion a year ago to have my final exam be a Ted Talk inspired project that summed up the entire goal of the Career and Financial Management course: to get hired, promoted, and accepted into the college and career of your dreams.

Armed with a Kodak camera and a dream, I launched this final.  As this semester comes to a close, and I am filming my inspired students, I reflect on this crazy idea that has turned into a moment in the light for my students.  Literally and figuratively.  You see, I employed the use of a spot light provided to me by the technology expert to help me achieve my goals.  Amazing what one tiny piece of equipment can do to bring your ideas to life.


Student speaks about how to land the dream job…bravo!

How do I initiate the final?  I show this TED clip that inspires and provides the science behind a great speech.  I then give the students the final exam requirements.  The talk must be under five minutes, the talk must be on a topic discussed in class, and students must include research based facts to support their talk.

Students then select which element to discuss in a singular presentation that is complete in under five minutes.

This student decided to focus on Digital Portfolios  (click to view his talk) for his talk and he nailed it.  He has grown leaps and bounds in the business classroom and of course I was overjoyed to see our Microsoft Apps presented by this enthusiastic learner.  He could be in a commercial!

Anther one of my stars of the class also decided on Digital Portfolios (click to view his talk). He brought the house down!

We have a process, we applaud like crazy and even hoot and holler when our featured student enters the stage.  We (as a class) listen attentively and provide smiles and thumbs up for feedback to keep our speaker moving.  And then we applaud as they exit stage left.  This all happens in a tiny classroom, but the camera does not lie, these kids are inspired and ready to rock their final exams.  This example was recorded today of my student who spoke on how to nail the interview ( click to view talk)…the confidence is palpable, BRAVO!

I decided to write about this because I am filled with pride for my business students.  And perhaps because this was one of my biggest risks in project based learning I have taken and I really see the payoff.  I hope you are inspired by these amazing students…taking final exams to a new level.

Kalee fm talks.jpg

Student having a blast as she notes the improper way to sit during an interview

As always, have an inspired day!


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