“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” ~JAG Attorney Visits Business Law

It’s not often that I get to say “you can’t handle the truth!”  But, I got to do just that a couple of weeks ago when we had a JAG attorney as a guest speaker visit my business law class.

It all started with making a connection with the JAG Corps Attorney on a flight to our honeymoon last year.  After spending 26 hours in our local airport waiting to get out of town, we had made friends with a few good men, and women.  Susie was one person I really connected to and spoke a great deal with about her profession in the JAG world.  I told her I teach business law and proposed the idea of her visiting my class and she accepted without hesitation.


JAG Officer, Susie Strom makes connections with law in life

In preparation for our visit from this JAG officer, I decided to show the film, A Few Good Men.  The lesson was how to prepare a convincing argument, which is portrayed perfectly by Daniel Kaffee in the film as he struggles with even finding an argument.  He is not only able to find an argument, but a very convincing one that leads to a victory in the courtroom.  Students took note of strategies used to develop arguments and how to find compelling evidence.   Why practice the art of arguing?  Because I need mastery as we lead into mock trial season.

As part of our projects, my students have been participating in riveting debates including : Hot Coffee case, 540 Meals, and the Chipotle outbreak.  Students at times display award winning debate skills, but need improvement on how to think on your feet and make an argument.  By the time the daffodils are coming up here in Central New York my students will be participating in mock trials, so I need mastery level debate skills.  I decided to work on this through A Few Good Men.  As a bonus, we had a visit from Susie, a JAG Attorney, to demonstrate the importance of Business Law in your life.  She did an amazing job and really helped students see that the circumstances of law will pop up frequently in their life…how they deal with it depends on their understanding of law and their rights.

Students were in awe of Susie’s knowledge and she even inspired one student to go ahead and pursue this field.  She left her email for the student to contact her if she needs help in the process.  Mission accomplished!

It’s always wonderful as a 360 teacher to meet new professionals and take that chance of asking them to collaborate with my students.  I am in awe at the number of pros who say yes!

Having live guest speakers is another way I teach from 360 degrees in my spherical classroom…have an inspired day!


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