My Career and Financial Management class is fully immersed in my business simulation project.



CFO makes Finance presentation during department head meeting for Touch ID Home Security, a company invented by a student who acts as President


Students started this process by inventing a product to compete with existing products in the technology market.  Students voted on their favorite product pitched and decided to run our simulated company for the student who invented Touch ID Home Security.  The inventor is now the President of our company and I am the CEO.

Students then participated in a mock interview and were hired by me into one of four departments:  leadership, research and development, finance, or marketing.

This week, students are working on tasks assigned for each employee (tasks are assigned for work weeks, total of 4 weeks).  For example, my public relations representative along with his customer and business liaison, personally invited potential investors to join us for our pitch day on December 15th.  The panel will be made up of administrators, corporate representatives (in this case Microsoft), and guidance counselors.


Public Relations and Customer/Business Liaison prepare to invite potential investors to our presentation of the company on 12/15


The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of our company decided this week as part of his tasks to present the finance developments via a spreadsheet including gains and challenges.  I was so impressed by his candor during his presentation that I decided to hit record on my personal device and I was glad I did.  YouTube video of presentation.


Chart drawn by student taking initiative…see “biggest complaint” great addition for feedback for the company

This is what initiative looks like;  in the flesh…taking on extra tasks and managing the room as he delivers.  He even figured out what our stock price would be currently and built a financial diagram on the board.  He did this all on his own; this was not any part of his tasks for the project.  I am always thrilled when I see students taking ownership of their learning.


Today I launched the simulation with a review of the collective RFP (Request for Proposal) document we are writing, followed by a clip from the movie Interstellar.  The clip is the moment when Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, has to lead the team of humans and robots alike to survive what seems like an insurmountable challenge. Check it out.  I challenge you to not fall out of your seat as the clip unfolds.

I use this clip as we enter the mid-section of this project to showcase that we are a team, and whether it’s peaks or valleys, we always work together to solve problems and achieve goals.


Students watch the clip from Interstellar with awe


What’s next?  I am having a guest speaker, Superintendent of Financial Services, present on Tuesday to the class and talk to my students about how to increase revenue and how the CFO contributes to the entire organization.  I am making a new list of presenters for this year.  As I write, I think I would love to invite Mr. McConaughey to my classroom to speak to my students.  I will invite him in the event he is in the Upstate New York area anytime in the next year.  If I am going to model taking initiative for my students, then I have to make those leaps and bounds as the teacher.

Who else should I invite?  I enjoy using Skype in the classroom so perhaps I can invite Mr. McConaughey and other leaders via Skype?  A face to face presentation is always welcome as well!  I tell my students to keep reaching for that brass ring and you will catch it…looking forward to what the semester has to bring.

Would you hire these students?  My guess on all accounts is yes!

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