Launch of Student Designed Business!

Students in Career and Financial Management have successfully launched their student designed company!  This week, I announced hiring of specific positions to fulfill the goals and objectives of the business invented by one of my innovative students.  This semester we will be running a business called “Touch ID Home Security.”  This company seeks to streamline the home security industry through implementing an innovative idea pitched in my classroom.

The project based learning opportunity started with an Innovative Entrepreneurs Activity during our Entrepreneurship unit.  Students first decided if they wanted to be a sole proprietor (work individually), partnership (work in a team of two or more people), or an LLC, Limited Liability Corporation (corporate team.)  Students then had to invent a new product or improve on an existing product in the market.  The sole proprietors and partnerships alike presented to their peers.  The students made their entrepreneurial voices heard as they voted on the product that we would bring to life through the business simulation project.

2016 bus sim collaboration2.jpg

Student CFO from the Finance team captures the essence while having an impromptu meeting with Research and Development

You are hired!  I conducted mock interviews and hired students into departments.  I usually choose to have the following departments available for hire (but I do modify if the company lends itself to employ a new department):

Departments~Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Research and Development

I write each job to fit the students individual goals and needs based on both company objectives, but more importantly, on student goals expressed in the mock interview.  It is astounding how candid students will often be in a mock interview situation.  Students dress to impress and answer questions thoughtfully including promoting their strong suites.  We go over interview preparation before we mock interview in class, but I am impressed yearly with the level of professionalism students bring to the interview.

This project naturally provides an opportunity to shine in ways not experienced before for students.  It is great to witness a process unfold in which I am almost holding kids back from ambition; students take the project very seriously.   This project really brings out the positives and the negatives of being a new employee.

When the company is launched and running it almost feels like a playroom for students.  The students eagerly take on their role and execute the tasks and duties.  At times I have to remind them that this is indeed a simulated company.  I am particularly impressed as a teacher that students take such ownership of the company.  This semester is no different.  I can already see after week 1 of the 5 week project that we are off to an incredible start.  I look forward to continuing to report as we move forward.

Have an inspired day!

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