Bringing Business Law to Life with Skype

In my business law classroom, we study everything business law from contracts to employment law.  I make every attempt to bring this content to life through field trips, guest speakers, and Skype.

I connected with Mitch Jackson (@mitchjackson) last year for a guest speaker Skype session.  Mitch is an award winning trial lawyer who brings awareness to everything law through social media, including social campaigns on hot button topics such as distracted driving.

We started the Skype meeting with Mitch taking a photo and sharing it immediately to Snapchat, a social networking platform that high school students relate to and use a great deal.  We then began learning about what it is like to be a trial lawyer and some concepts about business law.  Mitch brought the law profession to life by telling stories of how it feels almost like being on a stage when you are conducting a trial.  He articulated that as a trial lawyer, the process does unfold much like the scenes in the movies, but the movies often neglect to show the research involved.  Mitch said that he actually enjoys the high levels of research as it balances his trial work out.  Mitch is based in California (and we are on the East coast) so the only challenge is finding a date and time but he is always flexible with school schedules.  Mitch was very engaging with the high school students and we learned a great deal.

The meeting went so well we decided to create a 3 level tiered program for this year.  Our first meeting will commence during Skype-a-thon on November 29th.  During this initial meeting, we will talk again about the reality of being a trial lawyer and then have a question and answer session.

Next meeting we will discuss business law and it’s application to life.  Business law effects all aspects of personal and business life as we become employed, enter into our first rental agreement, and navigate various contracts.

Finally, we will end our Skype series with a meeting about research and writing law review articles.  The students have a final exam that consists of writing a final “law review” in the spirit of the Harvard Law Review.

Having the opportunity to teach students via a trial lawyer literally brings the content to life.  We discover all of the possibilities related to law.  Skype brings our business law world into the classroom.


Business Law Skype with Mitch Jackson

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