The Beatles and Teaching…Making 360 Connections

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  That is the song that inspires this post.  A new cartoon series called Beat Bugs  on Netflix contains beautiful life lessons taught through the eyes of bugs and the sounds of the Beatles.  We watch the show as a family at night and we even cook to the songs featured on the shows and often end our evening with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as it sets the tone for a peaceful

The songs are covered by artists, like Pink, who provide a stage for toddlers and young children to learn right along with the music.  Pink’s rendition of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds hits home as we all work to quiet the mind and think of marmalade skies before going to sleep after a long day of teaching and learning.  The format of the show unfolds much like a classroom lesson, the type of lesson that leaves you feeling accomplished and inspired.  This show has a lesson complete with an introduction to a problem, examples of how to solve the problem, music (I am a big fan of music in my classroom), and a review.  Music inspires me and my students as we navigate through the semester and year.  This link to music is my classroom playlist, feel free to subscribe and create your own.  I make every effort to have the music of the day fit the genre of what is happening in class.  For example, I play Mozart for our review sessions as we prepare for a test.  I just played Jukebox Hero as my students were preparing to make their first presentations to the class.

How can we, as teachers, take a play out of this Beat Bugs book?  Remember to tell a story, engage with relevant content (like using Shark Tank in my class to show the flip side of investing).  Take a 360 degree look at your classroom, close your eyes and envision:  what would you see?

I see a classroom with shark tank, a variety of  computers, devices, bean bag stations for individualized learning, and of course I hear music.  I see kids feeling comfortable in my atmosphere and fantasizing of that dream job, career, or college and taking the steps to make the dream a reality.  I envision a classroom that models our 21st century business world with a Skype station for international meetings and Office 365 work stations for each department of my classroom. As a business teacher, I frequently divide students into departments for projects.  For example I will have a finance department, marketing department, and project managers.   abc-shark-tank-rick-smith-jr

As I build and design my 360 degree teaching model for the classroom, I plan to provide examples of how one can achieve a 360 degree view including not just project based learning (let’s face it, the fun stuff!), but also the dreaded evaluation that assesses students in a variety of formats.  I will continue to hash out my 360 design and share as I write. I am always searching for ideas to keep things fresh; Edutopia offers consistently great advice for best practices. Ideas?  Suggestions?  I am an open book so feel free to comment.

Have an inspired day!



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