Student Led Professional Development

How can you bring that project from a B to an A?  Through implementing technology that engages the brain in deep learning.  Use of technology as a tool, not just a resource is a concept that is difficult for students and teachers alike to wrap their brains around.  I decided who better to help teach our educational community about how to implement technology than the students?  From this notion the Hornet Hive Tech-Knows was born.

In my Web Design and Development class at Fayetteville-Manlius High School, I posed the question to students “how can we help other students and teachers with technology?”  Students immediately devoured the idea of having our classroom double as a resource  to anyone seeking help with technology.  Students designed a poster and came up with the genius tagline of “We’ve Got Your Wing!”  

We also decided to meet every Thursday for “Technology Thursdays” in the lab.  As a result, we ended up helping not only teachers and students, but community groups including the class of 1986 reunion with building a website!Hornet Hive poster

My overriding goal is to get students hired, promoted, or accepted to the college of their dreams.  This goal was realized as two students were approached to be hired for the summer to build web sites for a local entrepreneur.

For next year, I plan to use my skills as a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator to introduce my Tech-Knows to new technology and have the students become experts to expose our high school students to emerging technology that will enhance projects.  The student will literally be leading professional development series inspired by our PD at Microsoft in Education.

Looking forward to enhancing the club for next year!

Tech_Knows district article

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